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Nurturing vocal ease and expression with insightful, tailored coaching.

As a dedicated vocal coach with over 20 years of experience, I specialize in empowering aspiring and established professional singers to achieve vocal efficiency and master contemporary sounds across all registers.

I believe that everyone, regardless of experience or genre, would find greater joy in singing if it felt better*.  My teaching philosophy combines a deep understanding of voice mechanics with attentive listening to vocal indications to select targeted vocal exercises that enhance and refine vocal production.

*’Better’ varies by individual but typically involves less pain, reduced strain, fewer sensations of unwanted constriction, and a greater feeling of vocal flow and ease.

Ideal Student Profile

Experience Levels

Aspiring and established professionals: Singers committed to elevating their craft and pursuing professional growth or performers active in tours, musical theatre, or recording sessions, seeking to refine their vocal skills.

Vocal Focus

Contemporary sound: Singers aiming for versatility and expressiveness in modern styles (Pop, Rock, Musical Theatre), with an emphasis on efficiency in high, middle, and low registers.

Character Traits

Students who show curiosity about voice mechanics, have a good work ethic (are dedicated to consistent practice and improvement), and have ambition in the professional singing world.


My Story

With a journey that began in 2004, I delved into the SLS technique, drawn to its tangible, sports-training-like approach, and became a certified instructor and Vocology in Practice (VIP) teacher in 2011. My curiosity about motivation psychology enriches my teaching, helping me align closely with my students.

Serving on the VIP board since 2015, I thrive on learning, challenging the status quo, and applying first principle thinking. My extensive performing experience, including singing for King Charles, TV work, and international corporate engagements, equips me with a deep understanding of the working singer’s demands.

Notable Milestones

Speech Level Singing Certification
Love Soul Choir - Founder
The Naked Vocalist Podcast - Founder and Host
Board of Directors - Vocology in Practice
Phoenix Youth Theatre and Voice Academy - Founder and Executive Director

The Naked Vocalist Podcast

Available on iTunes

Industry Endorsements

Steve's brilliance stems from his thirst for knowledge and improvement, complemented by his conscientious, understanding, and humble nature. With Steve, you know you’re in great hands.

Katie HolmesBacking Vocalist to Adele, Jessie J, Kylie…

Steve is undoubtedly to me, one of the most genuinely gifted teachers I know, and he pushes himself to continually learn so that he can continually be great for anyone he works with.

Dave StroudVoice coach to the stars (Justin Beiber, Jordin Sparks…)

His professionalism, knowledge and vision have helped singers and choirs whom I have personally come across whether it be in the world of TV or live singing. Simply put... Steve Giles is amazing!

Joshua AlamuExpert vocal instructor (Fleur East, JP Cooper, Little Mix)