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Online Singing Lessons with International Vocal Coach Steve Giles.

Creator of Singfinity – the organisation for happy and healthy singers. Steve has over 15 years experience teaching singing, giving masterclasses and developing programmes to help singers online.

He is member of the board of directors and authorised coach for Vocology in Practice and Co-founder and co-host of popular iTunes singing podcast: The Naked Vocalist.

Watch the video below for more on his services!

His international performance and vocal coaching career has taken him across the world – Australia, Europe, and Hollywood – empowering thousands of singers to sing better, for longer, and assisting in their professional endeavours.

His promise to you is to, firstly, understand what makes you ‘you.’ Then, use his years of experience, studies, and powerful international network to deliver you a bespoke singing lesson that is adapted, in every way, to maximise your greatness.




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When someone is 100% dedicated, passionate and driven, you can’t help but be inspired to become all those things yourself. His thirst for knowledge and improvement not only makes him brilliant, but his love for artistic creativity makes him conscientious, understanding and humble. This is Steve and without a doubt, with him, you know you’re in great hands.

Katie Holmes-Smith, Backing Vocalist to Jessie J, Kylie, Olly Murs…

Steve is undoubtedly to me, one of the most genuinely gifted teachers I know, and he pushes himself to continually learn so that he can continually be great for anyone he works with.

Dave Stroud, CEO DS Vocology LLC, LA based voice coach (Justin Beiber, Jordin Sparks…)

Steve’s passion for learning and pushing the boundaries of his knowledge have ensured he is on the cutting edge of vocal pedagogy. He loves nothing more than to help people sing in a healthy and safe manner, whilst at the same time eliciting the most fun and enjoyment possible.

Line Hilton, London based singing teacher trainer, Director iSing Magazine

His professionalism, knowledge and vision have helped singers and choirs whom I have personally come across whether it be in the world of TV or live singing. Simply put….. Steve Giles is amazing!

Joshua Alamu, author of ‘Mad About Vocal Style' and expert vocal instructor