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Ever wondered how the kids of today might go about making a career out of singing alongside some of the world’s biggest artists?

Today, I catch up with my good friend Katie Holmes-Smith. Katie is one of the most sought after session and backing vocalists in the UK and has toured with artists such as Jessie J, Professor Green and Olly Murs.

Children looking for a secure singing career will want to listen to how Katie has made this happen!

We chat about the following topics:
1.22 When did Katie start singing lessons?
3.30 What took Katie to the ‘next level’?
7.47 What do you need to do to become Jessie J’s backing vocalist?
11.56 Does work ethic count for anything?
13.30 Making money from singing
16.05 How you get a call up
19.38 What happens on tour with Olly Murs?
22.36 How do you keep the voice healthy on tour?
26.00 The demand on today’s vocalists
30.10 Can you teach anyone to sing?
33.10 What would a 10 year old Katie do different?
35.44 What would you teach a classroom of kids?
42.55 A shout out for Kelli-Leigh

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