You’re a beautifully unique human being

The singing industry can be a confusing place and, as a singer, it can be tricky to know if you’re investing your time and money into the ‘right’ thing for you.

You’re a beautifully unique human being with a journey different to everyone else. Your vocal visions and singing dreams will differ greatly to most other people too! That’s why there truly is no ‘one way’ to teach and/or learn singing. I mean, there are lots of approaches, but it’s unlikely that a fixed method or system will be 100% optimal for your needs.

With that in mind, my promise to you is to use our time together to, firstly, understand what makes you ‘you.’ I’ll then use my years of experience, studies, and powerful international network to deliver you a bespoke singing lesson that is adapted, in every way, to maximise your greatness.

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Once you’ve purchased a subscription, you can choose a time that suits HERE. If you can’t find a convenient time, please email: we will always do our best to find a time that works for you, even it isn’t on the regular booking calendar.

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Great question! Your auto payment is put on hold and resumes the following week on your return.

If I buy multiple lessons up front, how do I book my time?

Once you’ve purchased, you can choose a time that suits HERE. If you can’t find a convenient time, please email: we will always do our best to find a time that works for you, even it isn’t on the regular booking calendar.

Alternatively, you can email or send a message using the form to schedule a convenient time before you buy.

Trust in knowledge…

In this day and age, we know more about the voice, and how it works, than ever before. Just for example, in recent years, formants, harmonics and inertance have received lot’s more attention from voice scientists and vocal coaches alike, for being some of the most integral elements of voice production.

The relating advances in research have facilitated huge leaps forward in vocal development. Therefore, it is fundamental that a singing teacher has awareness and understanding of subjects and topics like these. I am fortunate to be working directly with Dr Ingo Titze, from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, who is leading the way with these advances and voice science in general.

It’s in the doing

We could spend some time here talking about the science behind why aligning your formants to the harmonics of the pitch you are singing is fundamental when it comes to ‘killing it’ on stage. We could also talk about how this helps the delicate positioning of your vocal folds and how that, in turn, could produce more power, ease and range.

We could talk about why singing through a straw could be one of the best things you could do for your voice.

We could, or, we could just get together, and spend our time using tried and tested tools to help you experience all the above. Let’s do that.

What’s your goal?

Whether it’s establishing yourself as an artist in your own right, moulding a career as a backing singer, or professional corporate work, the job of a good teacher is helping you find and achieve your personal goal. Not a goal manufactured by the teacher based on the way things ‘should’ be, or how you ‘should’ sound. Often referred to as a ‘student centered approach’, my aim is to support you in achieving YOUR dream as a singer.

Singers are humans too…

I use my experience in health, fitness and well-being to encourage superior health amongst my students. Fit and healthy humans make fit, healthy, productive, energetic, and creative* singers.

*A handful of other positive adjectives could be used in this list.

Connect to the world…

Anyone who says they know everything is lying (and, probably has some insecurity issues). I’m not saying it to show off, but being an authorised vocal coach and board member of leading international teacher network (Vocology In Practice or ViP), means I am connected to the best from all industries, right across the world.

Whether it be songwriting, musical theatre, classical or vocal rehabilitation, ViP is a powerful network that prioritises the singers’ goals. This incredible network of professionals counters the limited capabilities of a solo teacher and ensures singers receive the best result, each and every time.

Online Singing Lessons

Online lessons are a bit different from in-person lessons. But if you’re someone who doesn’t live close to excellent vocal tuition, you’re someone who can follow instruction, and you want to become a better singer… watch the video.

Headphones with a mic (Apple Earbuds are fine) are nice, but they are not a necessity. With a decent wifi network and webcam on your computer or device, you are good to go. You will receive a link shortly before your lesson!

Value In Regular Lessons

The benefits that come from taking regular lessons are endless but mainly revolve around consistent accountability and motivation leading to better results over the long term. This means you become a much better singer, quicker. This is why regular PRE-PAID bookings are discounted.

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(Note: Lessons are 45 minutes. Lessons from the individual transaction must be taken within one 30 day period of the first lesson).