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I’ve just arrived back from an epic 10 days teaching in Hollywood.

For a bit of background here… I’m a board member and authorised instructor of the Vocology in Practice (ViP) teacher network. As an organisation, we are very much in bed (metaphorically speaking) with the world leading vocal program ‘VocalizeU‘.

Aside from producing incredible vocal training software, VocalizeU holds events all around the world. One being the VocalizeU Artist Intensive in Hollywood.

In a nutshell, it’s a wonderland for any aspiring artist. It’s a platform to perform, improve skills, connect with some of the industries biggest names and seriously grow as an artist or performer.

Steve Giles Vocal Coach

For me, as a singing teacher, it’s 10 days of vocal coaching, one to one singing lessons, workshops and attending meetings. The ViP teachers also come together every afternoon and evening to learn from each other… and the world’s leading voice scientists, like Dr Ingo Titze.  One night, I even found myself on the critique panel giving feedback to the artists performing. A great experience sitting alongside the one and only Academy Award and Golden Globe winner Dean Pitchford.

Steve Giles Vocal Coach VocalizeU

In amongst all of that… there’s time to socialise with a tribe of awesomely similar people, meditate in some beautiful surroundings and spend some time outside of ‘normal’ life. I feel privileged to be a part of such a giving and forward-thinking organisation.

It’ll be happening again this time next year and I’ll be making the trip. Contact me if you want to join me.

Steve Giles ViP Singing Teachers

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