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Train with American Musical Director Jacqueline Dunford

This is an exclusive learning opportunity for musical theatre and stage school children based in Salisbury.

On Saturday 17th December, Miss Jacqueline Dunford will be offering a limited amount of lessons. If you’d like to improve your performance, prepare for an audition or be inspired to take your singing to the next level, this is for you.

Fresh from directing The Little Mermaid, as artistic and musical director, she knows everything there is to know about what’s needed for the stage.

Lessons are booked on a first come, first serve basis, so book early.

About Jacqueline:

Jacqueline Dunford teaches private voice lessons and directs a prestigious musical theatre program in Arizona. She specialises in early childhood education, contemporary artist development and Musical Theatre.

She is the Music Director and curriculum creator at Bender Performing Arts, creator of Broadway Babies Enrichment Program and Authorised Member of international teacher network Vocology in Practice (ViP).

A choreographer and acting coach, Jacqueline gives group class instruction for toddlers through to high school. Along with writing and creating productions, she delivers workshops on audition skills and how to be a triple threat.

Jacqueline is the creator of ‘Rock the Mic’ Artist Development Program and was also a featured artist and Hollywood finalist on American Idol seasons 10 and 11.

Jacqueline believes that it is never too early to bring the joy of art and music into a child’s life.

Her passion for her craft shines through in a classroom setting as she uses her high-energy personality to make every lesson a creative and enlightening experience for her students. This has led to co-creating the revolutionary children’s development program, Singfinity.