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This week I sit down with Katie Walton. Teacher and author of the Mindset Melting Pot. We talk about mindset, Carol Dweck’s work, Sir Ken Robinson and some practical ways to encourage growth mindset in the classroom.

4:50 the value in developing courage in the learning journey
8:19 What is a growth mindset?
9:34 How do we make sense of Carol Dweck’s work?
11:35 Some practical activities to promote the growth mindset
16:50 The difference between primary and secondary school mindset
20:45 We must start encouraging the right mindset at an early age

You can buy the book on Amazon. Find it here: The Mindset Melting Pot: A Collection of Teacher Inspired Ideas to Create a Growth Mindset Culture in the KS2 Classroom

Or visit Katie’s other work here:

As always, let me know your thoughts. It’ll be great to hear from you!

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