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Do you have an aspiring superstar on your hands? If so, what do they really need to get their break in the music industry? In this video, Internationally renowned vocal coach Dave Stroud let’s us know exactly what they’ll need to make it happen.

We talk up in the picturesque Forest Falls in California and cover:

0:57 How the VocalizeU Winter Retreat can help singers grow
3:22 What Dave’s music education looked like
4:25 How classical singing is different to pop singing
7:55 How the education systems prioritise vocal education in the states
10:22 Dave explains the 4 main things (or houses) required for supreme vocal development
12:18 Why ‘The Secret’ is a fallacy – you need more than a dream
14:28 How to teach a young singing group in the best way
16:56 How to be a failure


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