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Shortly after my first video hit the world wide web, the one where I babbled on about a change in school singing education, my good friend contacted me. I’ve known Laura Simpson from my school days and over the, ahem, years, we’ve connected every now and then. Like you do with great friends.

Anyway, Laura asked me to visit her school to see what she was doing with singing in her school – Woodford Valley C Of E Primary School

Okay, so here’s the thing. We have about twelve, four to six year olds. I’ll be honest, my initial thoughts were, “what on earth are you going to do with those little guys”? In short, Laura was brilliant.

The class was broken down into sections: ice breaker games and more structured singing games with movement… some of which I was dragged into by the boys. I didn’t look awkward at all. No, really.

But then, Laura announced solos. I did not expect this! One by one the class could opt in or out. Dependant on whether they fancied standing in front of the class and belting out a song/nursery rhyme of their choice. It was interesting that those who sang (a high percentage of the class) portrayed only a small element of nervousness once standing alone. It made me wonder where that confidence-boosting experience will take them in life.

In the main, it was Laura’s approach that made it work. I understand ‘multitasking’ is a commonly shared ability amongst school teachers but, Laura was seamless.  I mean, remembering the names of the children would be a big step for me as I have the memory of a goldfish. Jokes aside, Laura darted from one song to the next, she remembered every lyric as a guide for the children, she was instructing the ‘sticker monitors’ to those dish out an award to those deserving… all whilst maintaining the most peaceful discipline. I was in awe of Laura and her teaching methods.

Thank you to Laura and Woodford Valley Primary School for sharing that with me. A valuable visit for me!

Steve Giles Primary School SingingLaura’s daughter Mollie belted out an awesome ‘Bah bah black sheep’.

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