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A beautiful aspect of humanity is that most people want to give. Most people want to do whatever they can to help others. Apparently, according to some scientists, we actually have an innate instinct to be compassionate.

On the flip side, there are also a lot of people asking for help. As a matter of fact, it’s highly likely that in this past week, directly or indirectly, someone has asked you for money. Whether it’s your marathon running Facebook friend or the happy guy with the bucket who pounced on you in the street. There are a lot of people asking for money.

With all this battling for attention and cash, it’s understandable that we feel a little overwhelmed and make a run for the hills whenever a charity volunteer enters our personal space. This is why, whilst I have approximately four minutes of your precious time, I’ll make it my mission to succinctly explain to you why you might want to click the link at the bottom of this page… and donate.

Singing makes people happy. (*scroll to bottom #jokes)

I could list a million studies to ‘prove’ that sentence (I might even post a clichéd quote under this paragraph to really prove it). The real point is… we can feel what singing does for us.

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Over the past 18 months I’ve learnt a lot from the Tempo Wellbeing psychological team (Dr Hannah Wilson and social worker Kim Garner) about HOW singing encourages happiness, but I’ve also been lucky enough to witness the changes within some of the acute mental health wards during our workshops.

Three months ago, my good friend Dan Cooper (also a Director at Tempo) came to me and the following conversation ensued…

Dan: Dude, we’ve been doing this for a while now and reached lots of people in need. We have also trained a number of talented people who are ready and raring to do more. I think we should try and reach more people! People who aren’t currently in the wards, but who would benefit just as much.

Steve: I agree mate, sounds awesome.

You can see that I was massively integral to the formation of this project. Jokes aside, I am so pleased to be a part of the journey: a journey to take Tempo singing workshops to the community.

Since then, ‘heart of actual gold’ Dan and the ‘ultra talented Canadian’ Kat Gatti have made it happen. Everything is in place to provide 24 workshops for hundreds of people who are in need a life changing moment. That moment may bring confidence, a sense of empowerment or, quite simply, a much needed smile.


A lot of my friends and extended network are singers or use singing in some way, every day. I often take a second to consider how singing has affected my life. If you’re reading this, I would love for you to do the same… and then click the link below. If you can back this project, you’ll be making a massive difference to someone else’s life.

Thank you for your time.

The link 🙂

P.S. If money isn’t your thing, please share this post or the link. Your help in spreading the word is appreciated.

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