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Industry endorsements

Katie Holmes-Smith

Vocal coach, backing vocalist to Jessie J, Kylie, Olly Murs…

When someone is 100% dedicated, passionate and driven, you can’t help but be inspired to become all those things yourself. His thirst for knowledge and improvement not only makes him brilliant, but his love for artistic creativity makes him conscientious, understanding and humble. This is Steve and without a doubt, with him, you know you’re in great hands.

Dave Stroud

CEO DS Vocology LLC, LA based voice coach (Justin Beiber, Jordin Sparks…)

Choosing a voice coach can be a difficult task. There are many coaches out there, and often with conflicting ideas. The coach you choose will be intimately involved with you and your musical world for a long time, which makes this choice important. It is with the knowledge of the difficulty of the choice that I hope you’ll take the time to get to know Steve Giles and what he has to offer as a voice coach. Steve is undoubtedly to me, one of the most genuinely gifted teachers I know, and he pushes himself to continually learn so that he can continually be great for anyone he works with. He is kind and sincerely wants his students to be their best and has shown many times over, he is willing to go extra lengths to provide for his students. I can recommend him to anyone who is interested in developing their voice as one of their very best options.

Line Hilton

London based singing teacher trainer, Director iSing Magazine

Steve’s passion for learning and pushing the boundaries of his knowledge have ensured he is on the cutting edge of vocal pedagogy. He loves nothing more than to help people sing in a healthy and safe manner, whilst at the same time eliciting the most fun and enjoyment possible. Steve has managed to carve out a niche in health and nutrition for singers along side a deep knowledge of the voice and its use in singing. It’s hard not to be infected by his enthusiasm and humour, both vital character traits in a teacher of any kind.

Joshua Alamu

Author of ‘Mad About Vocal Style' and expert vocal instructor

In an industry where there can seem be a lot of confusion, low self-esteem and a lack of genuineness, Steve Giles, an expert vocal coach comes along and completely shatters that image. Steve's approach to caring for singers both young and old comes from a place of heart and really actually "giving a damn" about the needs of a singer. His 'student centred' approach to his work sets him apart from so many in my view. His professionalism, knowledge and vision have helped singers and choirs whom I have personally come across whether it be in the world of TV or live singing, and the report that precedes him is nothing short of “exceptional" for all those that are lucky enough to work with him. Simply put….. Steve Giles is amazing!